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National Data Repository (NDR)

National Data Repository (NDR) is a government-sponsored E&P data bank with state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure for preservation, upkeep and dissemination of data to enable its systematic use for future exploration and development. It has been operational since 28th July 2017. NDR is a turnkey project on Build, Populate and Operate basis. Below are the data that is being stored in NDR:

  • Seismic Data
  • Well & Log Data
  • Spatial Data
  • Other G&G data like Drilling, Reservoir, Production, Geological, Gravity & Magnetic etc.
  • Reports and Documents

NDR primarily safeguard national E&P data asset for promoting exploration and production activities in India. Besides this, NDR has also helped in further streamlining all associated procedures, policies and workflows pertaining to data submission, data cataloguing and data viewing, data retrieval and data trading for all concerned quarters pertaining to E&P domain including stakeholders, industries, government agencies, academia and research communities.

NDR  store and maintain hydrocarbon exploration & production data in a safe and reusable manner, in perpetuity. The data  is preserved in accordance with generally accepted NDR standards, and is made available to entitled users.

Having an NDR for India have helped in enhancing prospects of petroleum exploration and facilitating the Bidding Rounds by improving the availability of quality data. With this action, India has joined the league of countries that have an NDR and can compete effectively in the hydrocarbon exploration and production sector.