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The content to be published on the website is contributed by the NDR’s domain department in a consistent fashion to maintain uniformity and to bring in standardisation. In order to present the content as per the requirement of the viewer, the content is categorised and to retrieve the relevant content efficiently, and the content is contributed to the website through a Content Management System which is web-based having user-friendly interface. Once the content is contributed it is approved and moderated prior to being published on the Website. The moderation could be multilevel and is role based. If the content is rejected at any level then it is reverted back to the originator of the content for modification.

Each of the links available in the website and the Sections/Officers which are responsible for the Content Ownership, Moderation and Approval are enumerated in the matrix given below:

Sl. No.Content ElementModeratorApproverContributor
1About NDRNDR Website TeamHoD-NDRNDR’s Office
2Policies &
NDR Website TeamDG’s OfficeContent Manager
3What’s NewNDR Website TeamHoD-NDRRespective Department
4Contact DetailsNDR Website TeamHoD-NDRNDR’s Office