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Gas Hydrate

World over gas hydrate is at R&D stage.  To meet the challenges of exploring gas hydrate, which is at a research stage the world over, MoPNG / DGH have signed MoU with various agencies for sharing of knowledge and scientific data:

  1. MoU with USGS,
  2. MoU with US-DOE
  3. MoU with US-MMS (now called US –BOEM)
  4. MoU with JOGMEC, Japan
  5. MoU with GFZ-POTSDAM, Germany
  6. MoU with IFM-GEOMAR, Germany

Current Status

a) Under National Gas Hydrate Programme (NGHP), the Expedition-01 was carried out in 2006. The presence of significant quantities of Gas Hydrate has been established in the Krishna-Godavari, Mahanadi and Andaman basins.


b) Under NGHP-Expedition-02 carried out in 2015, 42 wells drilled at 25 sites in Krishna Godavari and Mahanadi area in sand reservoirs for gas hydrates is having encouraging results. NGHP-02 has discovered gas-hydrate-bearing sand reservoir system in the offshore Krishna Godavari basin.


c) Further extensive studies are planned to assess the gas hydrate resource potential, reservoir characterization, reservoir delineation and geo-mechanical modelling for seafloor and wellbore stability and finalization of site(s) for pilot production for testing. KG deep offshore area block KG-DWN- 98/5 and KGDWN-98/3 contain gas hydrate accumulations may be suitable sites for gas hydrate Pilot Production testing.


d) The current understanding from studies carried out in India for Gas Hydrates hinged on the various issues related to pilot testing, production modelling, geo mechanical modelling etc. To firm strategy for pilot testing, an action plan consisting of various phases is being firmed up. Phase 1 will deal with the planning effort in support of the NGHP-03 gas hydrate field test, which includes preparation and approval of action plan along with cost estimates, conducting studies pertaining to production test, reservoir simulation, flow modelling, sand ingress, risk & environmental impact assessment, MOD, MOEF & CC clearances, engineering design and finalisation of rig and other services tender. Pilot Production field test is divided into two phases 2 and 3. Phase 2 will deal with LWD and coring operations associated with identified site/(s) with primary goal to further characterize the geologic and engineering conditions of the sites under consideration for testing. Phase 3 will be the pilot production testing phase