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Salient features of NDR

  • Wholly funded by Govt. of India.
  • Availability of high quality and reliable E&P data (seismic & well logs) in online, near-line, offline  modes
  • Independent secured web based access.
  • State of the art Primary Data Centre (PDC) equipped with latest technology and data storage capacity of 200 TB to store processed data & 720TB robotic tape library to store raw data
  • NDR-Secondary data centre (SDC) setup in Bhubaneswar with a storage facility of 140TB as a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Centre
  • Real time data synchronisation and replication between PDC & SDC
  • Common window for all concerned stakeholders in E&P domain including industries, government, research agencies etc. for online data viewing, selecting & ordering
  • 24*7 online display of available 2D/3D/well data, PEL/ML areas, NELP/OALP/CBM blocks, active blocks, No-Go areas, open acreage areas, forest and other cultural boundaries  on GIS based portal
  • To support open acreages policy.
  • Online portal (Team Work Space-TWS) showcasing E&P data of 26 Indian Sedimentary Basins along with capability for online data viewing, selecting and ordering on 24*7 basis 
  • Continuous update of open acreages for helping E&P operators to choose and submit Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Dedicated data storage rooms for media and reports with latest security features
  • Fully equipped G&G Data Visualisation & Interpretation Room for quick-look evaluation of blocks/acreages