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Data Price of Speculative Survey of IndiaSPAN-II is USD 650.00 per LKM

Data Price of Speculative Survey of IndiaSPAN-II is USD 650.00 per LKM

NDR web portal is opened for end user trial

NDR web portal (https://www.ndrdgh.gov.in) & data view rooms are being opened for end users w.e.f. 01.06.2017 for user’s trial.
E&P operators/end users may make use of this opportunity to access the data through NDR portal and visit the NDR data view rooms at DGH premises Noida for data visualization with prior appointment through email at indr@dghindia.gov.in
User may register at NDR web portal for login credentials and feedback should be shared at indr@dghindia.gov.in

International Petroleum Industry Practices – 2016

MoPNG approves Good International Petroleum Industry Practices – 2016 for reference and guidance of all E&P operators in India.

National Data Repository (NDR)

Initial population of data is in progress on priority data pertaining to reassessment of 26 sedimentary basins. So far 931069.2 LKM 2D seismic, 280452.64 SKM 3D seismic data, 1717 well data is loaded.

Policy for Geo-scientific data generation for hydrocarbons in Indian sedimentary Basins

M/s EMGS, Norway commenced the operation in Gulf of Kutch area to acquire CSEM and MMT data. The validity of Provisional letter of Consent issued to CGG services is up to 4th May 2016 for executing the multi-client agreement.

National Gas Hydrate Program

Correlation of well logs from NGHP Expedition-01 and NGHP Expedition-02 with seismic data for Area B is completed and currently work on Area C is in progress.

Coverage of the Un-appraised Sedimentary areas by 2D seismic survey

Process regarding tenders and award of work is under progress for hiring of services to conduct 2D seismic by NOCs. Currently, proceedings towards seeking in-principle clearances from State and Forest clearances in progress.

Standing Committee on GIPIP (Good International Petroleum Industry Practices)

Meeting of the Standing Committee held on 19.02.2016 wherein the report was adopted and signed. Further the documentation is under progress for submission to Government

Re-assessment of Hydrocarbon Resources of India

The assessment of hydrocarbon resources have taken off w.e.f October 01, 2015 at seven work centers of ONGC (KDMIPE, GEOPIC, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Baroda and CEC-OG) with identified basins. The basins, under study, are Mumbai Offshore, Satpura-South Rewa, Kerala-Konkan, Krishna-Godavari, Mahanadi, Cambay, Rajasthan and Vindhyan. G&G, geochemical, petro-physical data collection, their review & QC check, loading in workstation and preparation of basin map in Petrel in progress.

Shale Oil and Gas

ONGC has completed drilling of 18 wells and 01 under drilling. Currently, drilling activities are suspended due to Environment Clearance.ONGC has collected about 60 Cores so far. OIL is carrying out data collection and G&G studies for the well location.